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Light and COLOR

Everything in the Universe is just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every elementary particle, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibration. There are many kinds of vibration, some known on Earth, some not yet discovered. 

With our eyes we can sense (perceive) a very narrow range of atomic vibration frequencies (wavelengths from 0.3 to 0.7 micrometers - from violet to red). A mix of the vibration frequencies in the above range we perceive with our eyes as light of various colors. We can measure this mix precisely by recording a spectrum of light, but ONLY using special instruments.

Spectrum contains precise information about the distribution of vibration energy for various frequencies (wavelengths) of light. Current definition of spectrum it is limited to EM (electromagnetic) vibration. We cannot measure spectrum with our eyes.

How do we SEE Color
Our eyes contain only 3 types of photosensitive cells: Red, Green and Blue (RGB). These are vibration sensors. They operate using the principle of a resonance and they are “tuned” for 3 frequencies: red green and blue.

Sensation of color is created in our brain by averaging and recognizing millions of different combinations of Red, Green and Blue. It is well known, that many totally different spectra (vibrations of light) will produce exactly the same color sensation in our eyes. For example, a sensation of green color can be achieved in many ways, for example: 

>by mixing 2 frequencies: blue and yellow
>by providing a single frequency green light

Our eyes cannot distinguish any color difference between the above cases, even though the corresponding spectra (vibration of light) are totally different. 

We can train our eyes and brain to perceive much more, by aiming to develop the auric sight.

Color “technology”
The term color can be only used precisely when we refer to what we see with our eyes. When we want to reproduce color sensations generated by our eyes, we do not need to reproduce the original spectrum (vibration) of light. Far from it. All we need to do is to reproduce a stimulation of Red, Green and Blue (RGB) sensors in our eyes.
This deficiency of our eyes is exploited in color printing, TV, photography, computers and in fact by the entire color technology as well as the art on Earth. All imaginable colors are reproduced from just 3 color components - RGB. 

A computer screen (or a photo) can display a beautiful landscape using only Red, Green and Blue (RGB) pixels (or pigments). However the light emitted or reflected by that landscape has entirely different spectra than the light emitted by the computer screen (or a photo), even though we may not be able to see any difference in colors using our eyes.

So, the entire technology of color on Earth is about reproducing visual sensations as perceived by our eyes (i.e. cheating our eyes). It is like trying to create music from 3 tones only, just by varying their relative intensity.

The term color can be only used precisely when we refer to what we see with our eyes. A task of trying to find a spectrum of light (vibration frequencies), corresponding to a color is quite ambiguous, because there are infinite number of different spectra that can produce identical color perception by our eyes.

When the use of Spectrum is essential ?

Colors perceived by our eyes are only our perception of MUCH more complex reality: complex vibration of light.

We need to use spectrum if we want the object not only to look, but to WORK as well. Specifically, reproducing vibration of light is essential when we want to create resonances, interference, amplification of light etc..

For example we can create the violin body out of clay, wax and paint it to look exactly like a good violin. But such "violin" will be totally useless as an instrument, because we did not care about its vibration characteristics.

Another example is the Auric Garment - Chakra Shirt. Reproducing colors (for example printing the pattern on a color printer which uses a 4 color technique) is not enough. We need to accomplish certain spectral distribution of frequencies of light for the Auric Garment to resonate with certain vibrational frequencies of our mind-body system. The process of creating such a match is much more complex and costly than just reproducing sensations of color.