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Kirlian effect
advanced scientific tool to study mind-body functions by READING AURA

What is Aura? Technically speaking, we can define it as a "simulated electro-photonic response" (glow) of an object.

The effect of glow in response to excitation was observed by Tesla late in 19th century, but is called "Kirlian effect" after Semion Kirlian and his wife who first recorded and studied it in detail since 1930s.

This electro-photonic glow, induced by either the ambient radiation (light) or certain electrical fields, is visible to the naked eye and contains fascinating INFORMATION about the object that is excited to glow.

It was found, that objects which are not alive, do not change parameters of their "aura" more than 2%. LIVING objects, however can change their aura field dramatically and quickly. This provides scientists with unique tools to study physics of LIFE and consciousness using bio-electrography.

For example, Prof Bunzen in Russia found that the response in Kirlian Aura seems to precede (appear as soon or earlier than) electric processes in the brain during a decision making process. From his research, presented in 2001 at the International Congress "Science Information, Spirit" in St Petersburg, it seems that a thought "appears" in the aura before any electrical activity can be detected in the brain. Is our consciousness electro-photonic to begin with?

Application of Kirlian effect in Medicine : advanced diagnostics

It seems that every physical organ, every function of the mind-body has its precise effect on the human aura, recorded using bio-electrography. It seems, that by reading such an aura around fingers we can determine the malfunction of every organ of the body, long before physical symptoms become evident.

Evidence of conscious activity of the mind-body after death

All living objects show continuous changes in their aura. A major series of experiments of a team of scientists coordinated by Prof Korotkov in St Petersburg, Russia, demonstrated that aura of the human body continues to change continuously for almost exactly 72 hours after clinical death. It seems, that among other things, not only the time, but also the reason for death can be determined on the basis of these changes. Details are described in the book "Light after Life" - by Prof K.G.Korotkov. This book is available from ACCESS Publishers Network, in US: (800) 345-0096; from outside of US: (616) 276-5196, or (616) 276-5197 fax, or through Ingram, Baker & Taylor and other fine wholesalers, shipping from January 1998. ISBN 0-9644311-5-7 (c) 1998 Backbone Publishing Company US$ 12.95, 216p. 15 ill., 30 charts, bibl., index.

It is interesting to note that in nearly every culture on Earth for centuries people observe a 3 day period between death of the body and burial. Christ was resurrected exactly on the 3rd day after his death. It seems that our wise ancestors knew MUCH MORE about life and death that we can even imagine today. Many more fascinating examples of knowledge lost on Earth are described in The Book by Michel Desmarquet.

New Kirlian devices for studying human state and response

Ability to read aura (stimulated electro-photonic glow of fragments of our body) seems to provide insight into much more that the physical body. It seems that the activity of bio-energy centres, called chakras by ancient yogis, can be monitored and studied. It seems that all functions of the mind, including altered states of consciousness, telepathic and healing abilities etc. show up in the aura.

Application to scientific study of telepathic communication

Ability to monitor in the real time complex functions of the mind by reading auras provides new tools to study direct mind to mind communication, called telepathy. Numerous experiments using modern Kirlian effect equipment seem to confirm existance of direct mind to mind telepathic communication. It also seems, that the distance of several hundred kilometres has no detrimental effect on such communication.

Healing properties of crystals, minerals and water

It appears that auras of people who interact with various objects such as drugs, crystals, minerals, colours etc.. may change significantly. Modern Kirlian equipment is capable to quantify these effects in terms of their influence on the electro-photonic glow. It seems that detailed functioning of every organ and health effects can be also determined from the recorder stimulated electro-photonic glow.

Aura of LIVING water

One of the most fascinating research directions on Earth at present is the study of the Aura and bio-energetic structure of water. This research is conducted in Russia by Prof. K.Korotkov.

Kirlian aura of water

Two Kirlian Aura images of seemingly identical drops of water, kindly provided by Prof Korotkov, are shown. The left image depicts Aura vibration around a drop of normal water and the right image shows the Aura around a drop charged by the famous Russian healer Allan Chumak during ten minutes of conscious concentration. The difference in the bio-energy glow is dramatic: the bio-charged water has more than 30 times stronger Aura vibration and significantly altered physical and biological properties.

Contemporary physics cannot explain the above change in water glow which, technically speaking, is a purely physical process involving an electrical discharge in the ionised air around the drop. The main reason for this is that a great majority of “scientists” on Earth completely ignore our consciousness in their perception of Reality. Prof. K.Korotkov says that the increase in the Aura around a drop of water cannot be explained without considering the energy and the information transfer to/from our consciousness. Water Aura experiments give evidence that our mind, when properly trained, can actually change the matter.

The ability of water to “remember” conscious information, is mind boggling. Not only water is the main ingredient of our diet, but our bodies are composed from more than 70% of water. It is not surprising that our consciousness and ability to concentrate may greatly influence our physical well being. Some examples how dramatically mental exercises can change the human Aura and accelerate self healing are presented here.

It is interesting to note that in every great culture on Earth there is a tradition to concentrate positive feelings on food before commencing a meal. This usually takes a form of being grateful to Nature, God or the Universe. In view of the recent Russian Aura research such concentration seems to have a very profound reason. Loading the food with a positive conscious information before consumption seems to make it more harmonious with the body and also more nutritious to consume.

It is also quite likely that the secret of life is very closely related to the ability of water to store and update conscious information. Ancient tales of “living” or “blessed” water with miraculous properties may have a solid scientific reason in view of the newly discovered secret of water.

The great news is that such water can actually be made on Earth now and its Aura can be observed and examined using Kirlian effect devices. Although the technique of charging water by conscious concentration is most spectacular when performed by people with special skills, such as great spiritual healers, it is quite possible that many of us soon may be able to learn it. Now we know that it can be done.

I cannot resist a thought that our wise ancestors knew much more than our 20-th century “science” has imagined so far. Unfortunately most of this knowledge has been lost on Earth, some due to natural cataclysms and the rest due to barbarian and materialistic attitude of many generations of leaders, promoting doctrines, rituals and fear to gain control over people. For a fascinating selection of examples of the lost knowledge on Earth I recommend reading “Thiaoouba Prophecy” by Michel Desmarquet.

Scientific methods for testing and training PSI (psychic, telepathic, healing) abilities

It seems that using modern Kirlian technology it is possible to evaluate degree of conscious control people have over their energy states and aura. It was shown, that gifted spiritual and natural healers can greatly influence their energy states and transmit their energy/thoughts to other people.

It appears, that what we call spiritual healing is actually a direct mind to mind telepathic connection between healer and the patient. Such healing seems to be simply an exchange of coherent INFORMATION and can be done remotely, without the need of the patient to see the healer.

Because it seems that psychic, telepathic and healing abilities can now be quantified using modern Kirlian technology, it may be possible to develop training methods to enhance the above natural abilities and watch student's progress.

Latest Kirlian equipment

© K.G. Korotkov, Tom J. Chalko 1996,1997
by Prof. Konstantin Korotkov (St. Petersburg, Russia) and
Dr Tom J. Chalko (Melbourne Uni, Australia)