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Conscious Control of human state and aura
by Dr Tom J. Chalko Melbourne, Australia

1. Abstract

This article describes my personal experience leading to discovery of a technique effectively doubling the energy of my electro-photonic aura in a few minutes. In 1997, after attending two public lectures in Melbourne on the latest advancement in Kirlian technology and bio-electrography by Prof. Konstantin Korotkov from St. Petersburg and reading his book Kirlian Effect (in russian), I booked my personal one hour session of Kirlian health diagnostics with Prof Korotkov at Aura and Body Centre in Melbourne, lead by Dr.Soultanov.

Since it is my principle never to follow the flock and see what I can learn, I asked Prof Korotkov if I could do some simple conscious exercises (meditation and concentration) during the appointed time. In addition to a quick standard procedure of taking 10 bio-electrogram shots for every finger, we spent 10 minutes recording bioelectrograms during my meditation, took a short break and then recorded my aura for 7 minutes during concentration. Recordings were made in one minute intervals.

When Prof Korotkov processed the data on the computer, to our amazement, we noticed significant systematic, coherent and positive changes to my electro-photonic aura, indicating dramatic improvement of its size and coherence.

According to well established principles of health diagnostics using bio-electrography, from Prof Korotkov comments as well as his book, our results indicated that I could greatly intensify healing processes in my body by performing simple conscious exercises.

According to my understanding, we have discovered a method of consciously improving and controlling the self-healing ability of the mind-body system, which has a potential to become a foundation of the natural self-healing medicine of the 21 century.

This article contains my personal health data from 1997, kindly provided by Prof Korotkov.

2. Introduction

It is commonly known, that the conscious state of patients has significant effect on their recovery. Especially promoting ''positive thinking'' and/or constructive attitude was found very helpful by many medical practitioners.

The aim of this article is to present a method of quantifying the effectiveness of selected processes of the mind on the healing process and establish what kind of conscious exercise has the most beneficial influence on healing processes within the body

To obtain instantaneous quantitative measure of how human mind influences healing processes, Prof Korotkov measures changes in the stimulated electro-photonic glow around selected parts of the human body (typically 10 fingertips) using the Gas Discharge Visualization technique (GDV) - a technique for bio-electrography.

Intensity distribution of stimulated electrophotonic glow, commonly known as aura, has been studied for over 100 years using the Kirlian effect devices. Modern computerized equipment for bio-electrography utilizing a CCD camera, recently developed in St. Petersburg by Prof Korotkov and his team provided instantaneous, repeatable and reliable results, enabling us to obtain a series of aura images during conscious exercises and related to my health and healing ability.

Following conscious exercises have been performed and are reported further in this article:

Meditation exercise, described in section 4
Concentration exercise, described in section 5
Images of the stimulated electrophotonic glow (aura) have been recorded in one minute intervals and several types of image processing were applied to evaluate its intensity, size and a degree of its fractal distribution.

To provide a background for further explanation of results, a brief introduction to medical diagnostics using recorded bio-electrograms is described first.

3. Kirlian diagnostics
4. Meditation exercise
5. Concentration exercise
6. Comparison of results
7. Conclusions

©Tom J. Chalko 1997