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Kirlian effect - the principle, tricks, techology and the truth.
By Dr Tom Chalko, MSc, PhD

It is my duty as a scientist and academic to comment on science, tricks and quackery of contemporary Aura "technology". At nearly every New Age festival you can find commercially minded people who will ask you to pay for a "photo of your Aura".

Unfortunately most of so-called "aura cameras" use a photographic trick called photo-montage to create an illusion of the Aura. These cameras have light source(s) inside, which illuminate the film directly. Internal lights are controlled by a simple measurement of skin resistance. Although our skin resistance is related to our emotional state (lie detectors based on skin resistance measurement have been in use for at least 60 years) it has nothing to do with an image of an Aura vibration. Any camera producing overexposed face images and "Auras" is a pure FAKE. Unfortunately, most crooks call it "Kirlian", despite of the fact that such photos have absolutely noting to do with Kirlian effect.

Do you want a proof? Make a test: take "Aura Camera" electrodes in your hand(s) and DO NOT sit in front of the camera. Make sure that the camera is facing a black screen. It will produce a FAKE "aura" without you in the picture !!! Every time !!! Now, Aura is supposed to be around YOU ...

The real Aura around us is constantly changing, much like a flame or a hot air and never has a smooth, regular shape. Each person has individual pattern and a specific mix of colours which is ALWAYS present. For example, Aura shape, size and colour content are dramatically different for a sick person, natural healer and a spiritually advanced individual. When you make several recordings of your TRUE Aura, you can learn to recognise it among hundreds of others, much like a fingerprint.

We can and should learn to see auras with our very eyes. Sadly, commercial misinformation is widespread and people continue to be impressed by "gadgets", without even trying to understand what is their principle of operation.

At present, the only technique on Earth to register small fragments of our Aura vibration is Kirlian technology. Although the phenomenon of our body "glowing" under certain conditions was noticed by Nikola Tesla late in 19th century, the technique of recording images of this glow was pioneered by Kirlian couple in Russia in 1939. Below I try to explain the principle of Kirlian effect in a few words.

When you want to listen to natural vibration of, say, a bell - you strike it for a millisecond and then listen to its tone(s) for several seconds. If you do not strike the bell, you may listen to it for a week and never hear anything, because its vibration without excitation are too small.

When you want to record natural vibrations around the body (a visible and UV Aura for example) you need an excitation too. This is accomplished by applying short microsecond impulse(s) of High Voltage to the body and recording its UV and visible response over many milliseconds, or even seconds. Note that our body produces static electricity and by touching grounded objects we discharge it naturally. This electricity is actually a part of our bio-energy. Prof Korotkov, one of world leaders in Aura research on Earth, has spent many years of research determining not only safe, but the smallest possible excitation providing recordable human Aura vibration response.

With TRUE Kirlian technology - you can SEE parts of your body (fingers) GLOW in front of your OWN EYES. Then, you can choose a technique to record the exact image of this glow. The best view (captured by GDV Pro in the photo below) is of course from underneath.

At the time of this writing, Kirlian devices are limited to taking pictures of the Aura around fingertips or hands, mainly for the safety reasons due to high voltages. The most advanced devices (developed in St Petersburg, Russia by Prof K.Korotkov and his team since 1996) use a computer controlled CCD array rather than a film, and enable real-time visualization of the Aura.

No Kirlian camera can record TRUE COLOUR of our Aura, even if they use colour films. This is because 3 colour film (RGB or CMYK) cannot record spectral information of light. At present Kirlian cameras can reliably record only the intensity distribution of the Aura. Original Aura colour information is not available, but intensity maps of the Aura are usually artificially "coloured" to show the "hot" and "cold" spots.

Kirlian Aura seems to be able to serve as an extremely powerful and comprehensive medical diagnostics tool, capable of showing malfunctions of the body and mind long before any physical symptoms become evident. It seems that using Kirlian diagnostics, we may be able to take preventive measures, rather than wait until emergency treatments and surgery are required.

© Tom J. Chalko 1997